Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sorry to everyone, I'm not safe.

Some people found out about my true name. I guess Islamic cyber spies.
So before I leave more traces, I need to abandon this blog. It's not only because of myself, they will harm my family in the harshest way too. So please understand that although it was a waming experience for me, I have to stop it now.

However, I will always remember that fight for liberty never ceases to bloom, its the ignorance of the winter that shall go.

Best of luck


Anonymous said...

Boa sorte. Qualquer coisa que eu puder ajudar e claro, se tiver ao meu alcance é so dizer:

Good luck Anything I can help and of course, if you are in my power so to speak:

Anonymous said...

it is correct decision
but i want to tell you
you understand freedom wrong
and you must understand it
like the humanism know it
god pleased our sisters
god pleased our home.

free angel said...

ايه الاخبار هنا

وفين الحلوين

sarorama said...

You are a courageous girl. I wish you all the best. Your safety is more important now. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (November 23): YOU understand freedom wrong. Freedom is that I can do whatever I consider correct, not vowing to your sense of righteousness.

Please, do not try to redefine freedom to mean whatever you need it to mean.

My warm support for Spideh, although I didn't arrive at time to see what was this blog about.

Anonymous said...

anonymous(November 24):freedom is that i can do whatever i consider correct...that is your opinion ok!
but i need to discuss with you about it..because i cant accord with you in "whatever"
if you agree..i hope you discuss with me by arabic.

Anonymous said...

لو تظن أن الحرية هي أن تفعل ما تشاءوقتما تشاء..اذاً أنت مخطئ..لا يمكن أن يحدث شئ في العالم الا ويجب أن يكون عليه اتفاق بين الناس...وان رفضت ذلك فيجب أن ترفض العيش مع البشر..لأنهم سيرفضوك...مامفهوم الحرية عندك؟

George Payerle said...

I am sorry you were forced to withdraw. I admire your courage, and that of your fellows in protest.

Anonymous said...

I understand your decision since i understand the situation you are in right now.
Be patient. Distract your and your family´s hunters. One day you will be free for sure. I know it since i had to go through the same in East Germany. Stick to your values.

Anonymous said...

If you need help outside Iran:

Anonymous said...

you got my support, girl.
Foght for freedom <3

You'll be my hero always.

Anonymous said...

you got my support, girl.
Fight for freedom <3

You'll be my hero always.

Yves Marineau said...

So sad to see in 21st century some people have to risk their life for freedom.

When people are going to start thinking instead of believing.

If god was existing he will give brain for free thinking not for believing anything other people says.

Hope those integrist will start to think soon. So everybody will be free of living in peace.

Good luck from Canada!

Anonymous said...

I wish the best for you and hope you'll have your freedom back soon.

Anonymous said...

To averyone:
She's fake. and here's the proof: (18+ adult content)

compare the picture number 12 with one of the pictures she (or even HE!) had posted here before.

Unknown said...

I am really sad I didn't come here sooner to be able to get to know you Sepideh. If you ever need help in Europe, contact Carl-Mikael A. Teglund on facebook, email I am a Swede, anti-theist, liberal, and I support your cause full heartedly. We also have exil iranian groups here and I have been active their and for freeing Iran from the Islamic oppression.

Continue the struggle against the fascists. They will not win.
I hope for you all the best.

And please, Stay Alive!

Unknown said...

It is interesting to see though that the religious fascists who are writing here sign under as "anonymous". What are you afraid of, scumbags? More than women and your own penises, that is?

iain Dziadek said...